Past Speakers of THM

Thank You

Viral Parmar

Information Warfare

Santosh Khadsare

Digital Forensics Present & Future

Rakshit Tandon

Cyber Security Present & Future

Brijesh Singh

Cyber Crimes in Times of COVID19

Pavan Duggal

Cyber Laws Present & Future

Adv. (Dr.) Karnika Seth

Data Protection and Privacy Issues

Adv. (Dr.) Prashant Mali

Cyber Law in Times of COVID19

Sanjay Sahay

Changing Cyber Security Paradigm

Nilay Mistry

Volatile Memory Forensics

Arjun Chetry

Communication Techniques on Darkweb

Prince Boonila

Balakot Strike Image Analysis

Neeraj Aarora

Hacking : Legal Issues & Challenges

Col. Binoj Koshy

Cyber Criminology in Pandemic Scenario

Dinesh Bareja

Data Security

Nipun Jaswal

Finding Logical Vulnerabilities in Windows Application

Sai Satish

Securing data using encryption

Jayesh Thakur

SOC Implementation

Falgun Rathod

Threat Hunting

Amrit Chhetri

Edge AI in Cyber Security

Biprotosh Bhattacharjee

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Smit Shah

Iot Security

Paras Bhatia

Introduction to Exploit Writing

Nitesh Shilpkar

Introduction x86

Vismit Rakhecha

Menka- The FrameWork

Samir Ansari

Modern Network Perimeter Security

Sujit A


Athul Jayaram

Data Breach & Privacy Issues

Swaroop Yermalkar

Pentesting ios Apps

Anurag Srivastava

Thick Client Application Security

Jiggaysu Sharma

Buffer Overflow

Atul Singh

Android Pentesting

Jay Patel

XXE Everywhere

Rishi Kant

Introduction to SSDLC

Sukesh Shetty

Firewall Rules Set and Configuration Review

Subhajit Saha

Approach for Finding Critical Vulnerabilities

Ashish Kunwar

Bug Bounty Ins & Outs

Shrey Shah

Bug Bounty

Mahendra Purabia

Hacking MI Bands

Dr. Dinesh H.A.

Network Forensics

Dr. Sharada Velliveti

Security A Network Administrator Perspective

Ms. Dharti Dholariya

Defense in Depth of Network Security

Mr. Anshuman Patel

Security of IOT Framework

Abhilasha Vyas

Malware Analysis & Detection

Dhaval Ramani

Ransomware Analysis

Sumit Rajput

Design Security

Rushi Adhia

VPN A Secure Network

Maulik Bhesdadiya

Malware Analysis Using Open Soure

Mehul Patel

Intro to Modern Identity

Tanmay Dikshit

Cyber Security - Case Studies

Anvee Malviya

Safe Cyber Streets

Lucky Narayani

Threat Hunting

Dharmin Suthar

Banking Fraud

Ashu Gautam

Security in IOMT

Bela Shrimali

Data Security with Blockchain

Manisha Mehta

Biometric Authentication

Vishwa Kotecha

Data Security in Cloud Computing

Kunal Mehta

Steps Towards Data Security

Pratik Dabhi

How to Get Started with Bug Bounty

Vanshit Malhotra

AI in Cyber Security

Vishal Dave

Why DLP is Need of the Hour

Hiteishi Diwanji

Apps that Steal Data

Meha Shah

Predection of Ransomeware Intrustion

Dyvik Chhena

Data Security in E- Commerce

Sakshi Gagre

Cyber Secuirty Tips & Tricks